Sipeki Lili is a high-end womenswear brand with a focus on casual luxury combining timeless shapes with innovative ideas providing ready-to- wear collection for women. The garments are edgy yet sophisticated with a fresh, quirky twist making them appeal to a younger customer base. The brand investigates design strategies for garment longevity towards a focus on sustainable product design, philosophical aesthetics, aesthetic nourishment and the durable subject-object bond contributing to long product life.

The designs are recognised for their signature style and strong emphasis on fabric manipulation and attention to detail with the use of desirable fabrics and tailoring. Inspired by heritage and a desire to create beautifully constructed clothes the brand is known for creating high quality garments with unique designs made in fair trade reflecting the brands commitment to sustainability. Customers buying into the collections are also adopting the brand’s ethos of being responsible, honest and modern company.

The campaigns explore personal thought on current social issues and affairs that individuals can relate to and connect with, sparking discussions and awareness of new ideas. With a rebellious attitude towards traditional ideals the brand encourages individuals not to be afraid of others opinion or judgement to experiment with their style communicating their beliefs.